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So Kiko’s group got busted by the cops, and lo and behold the littlest cop of them all was the receptionist that Kiko thought they had a chance with. And of course Kiko’s cold and shivering and wet from being tossed off a dock and into the ocean as leverage for someone else. Kiko’s embarrassment and irritation is gonna be strong as fuck when the next campaign session starts.

Also a random meeting of werewolf and Struiter. I’m pretty sure Kiko would shit themselves if they met Sir Henry.




LOOK. IT’S AN INFOGRAPHIC FOR RUFFS. This coming from the fantastic French blog La costume historique—at least, I think they’re fantastic? I’m mostly looking at the pictures.

There’s also one that matches ruffs with collars, which is great.

Wish they ventured into the 17th century, but. Still. What a time to be alive.

Is it a rule that every ‘eighties’ decade is just NUTS??

yes.  yes it is.


Here’s a list of fonts I use for typesetting manga, making signs/banners, etc.

This is not necessarily a list of “good” fonts; some of these fonts are heavily flawed design-wise but are effective in very small quantities, such as sound effects, or used with certain words.

I was too lazy to categorize them by type but if that’s something people want, then I’ll do it.

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