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I call this shitterpiece  drawing

"Melanie Devoured."

Best title. Yes, good. /unoriginal

Avis, the long-haired girl featured here, was out with her child apprentice in a grove. Passing through, the apprentice, Melanie, noticed a vast bed of blue flowers with an enticing scent. The closer she got, the more intoxicated by the scents Melanie got.

Before either of them knew what hit them, Melanie had been devoured by Hewie, the pet plant Aithne and guardian of the grove. But it seemed as though the digesting process was taking a bit of time, ask Melanie was still able to cry for help inside the “throat” of the beastly plant.

Avis, unfortunately, did a poor job of attempting to retrieve Melanie. In a matter of moments, Hewie flung Avis into the nearest tree, rendering her unconscious.

Upon waking, Avis discovered a pile of child’s bones still slathered in an aromatic saliva and blue petals.

Don’t I make the happiest stories? ovo

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